Scythe Kama Bay Mini Amp Review - Pictures and Setup



As you can see, there is no shortage of included accessories with the Kama Bay Mini Amp.  There is a red/white RCA cable for connecting a game console or any other RCA audio source, as well as a connector to connect a 3.5mm device such as an MP3 player or laptop or into the back of a sound card.  It also includes two 2m speaker cables, a power cord and accompanying power brick, and hardware for internally mounting the amp inside your case in a 3.5-inch bay, since we all have a void left from our old friend, the floppy drive.  It also includes a user and installation manual which is very easy to follow.  Being able to internally mount the amp is really a great space-saving feature if you were planning on using it with a desktop speaker system.


The amp itself, like its Kro Kraft speaker equivalent, has an all-aluminum housing, and is rock solid in construction.  The volume knob has a firm but smooth turn to it, all the buttons have a very satisfying press to them, and it looks great overall, especially with the silver trim along the upper edge.


(That's not dust, just the way the camera picked up the lightly textured finish)


The back contains gold-plated connectors which are compatible with standard banana clips.  They work great and create a very solid connection.  The red/white inputs on the back may accept any standard RCA cable, and can be used to connect game systems or standard 3.5mm headphone jack inputs.  The power connects in the center power plug.



Installation is a breeze, and you'll have sound dancing merrily out of your speakers in no time!


The feet on the bottom are quite nice, with a silver bezel, and are soft so they won't  scratch your desk.  They are semi anti-slip, but not incredibly sticky so it may slide a bit if you were to bump it with something.

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# Maurice 2014-01-01 15:58
I wonder how the sound quality compares to that from amps that use the Tripath TA2020 chip.