Scythe Kro Craft Mini Speaker Review - Pictures and Setup



Scythe's Kro Craft Mini speakers come neatly and well packaged, resting inside a foam insert which holds them very steadily, and it is placed in a sturdy outer box.

The Kro Craft Mini speakers also arrive with self-placeable rubber feet, with both four large ones or four smaller rubber anti-slip feet for use at your discretion.  They also come with two- 2m long speaker cables, which we found to be plenty long for any desktop arrangement, and should permit flexibility for speaker placement relative to your amp or stereo system.


Here we have our Kro Craft speakers, with a lightly textured, all-metal housing with some silver trim on the edges of the side panels.  The composite driver cone has a very tasteful bronze-gold color, and the Scythe insignia is neatly placed at the bottom of the unit.  Build quality was the first thing that jumped out at me with these speakers.  The all-metal housing is rock-solid, and there is considerable heft to these despite their being only the size of approximately a 4x4x4-inch cube.  The finish is very pleasing as it is not shiny, but gently diffuses light that hits it.


Here you can see the back of the speaker, and this also gives you an idea of the continuity of the all-metal housing as well.  The connection points are very high quality, and are some of the nicest I've seen on a desktop set, comparable to those on higher-end speakers or monitor setups.


The metal side panels are bolted onto the main square portion of the housing, and are as rock solid as the rest of the unit, and look very clean.


Here you can see the bottom of the unit without any feet on it.  It sits very flush on a desk, and I actually prefer the look of them without feet, as they "mesh" with the desk better that way, and they look really good!


The connection points have very solid gold-plated thumbscrews, and you simply slide the wires through holes in the screw post, then tighten down the connector for a very solid and distortion-free connection.  They are also compatible with banana-plugs, which is a huge plus for the audiophiles out there.  I'm very pleased that they do not have the "snap tabs" that many other speakers have which often wiggle loose and never seem to have the most consistent connection.


The Kro Craft Mini speakers are built and look great, but now we will move onto the really important stuff, how well they sound!


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