Bgears Vibro Sound System Review - Testing and Final Thoughts



For testing, since this isn't a typical product with no real measurement standards, we will be using purely subjective evaluations.

We plugged it in, and took the usual 30 or so seconds for the Vibro Sound System to get picked up by Windows/Mac OS for the first time.  Once recognized, the sound automatically stopped coming out of the speakers and out of our clean little cube, and what I found was quite unexpected... quite clean, full sound, with very decent bass replication for such a tiny device.  There is a little bit of "interference," for lack of better description between the wood/rubber interface on the tabletop, which creates a bit of a distortion.  But, at similar sound levels, the distortion is less than your underpowered/near useless laptop speakers, which is what you are truly comparing to, right?

Have a look for yourself, this is how I demonstrated this to people without telling them what it is or how it works.  It puzzled them how this little cube that makes little rumbly noises, when placed on the table, suddenly becomes a speaker, a decent speaker at that!  One thing to keep in mind before watching the video is that I have the volume all the way up, which will amplify any distortion, due to the poor microphone on my camera (which also doesn't help the sound), so don't take the sound quality from the video as an end-all evaluation of how it sounds.  It best demonstrates how it works, and also that it can really create surprisingly full, rich sound in a highly portable form factor.  I also placed it on the metal tubing on the desk to demonstrate how you may get different sounds from different desks/materials.


Final Thoughts

The Vibro Sound System actually packs a punch inside the tiny little cube.  One thing I have yet to mention is that the cube is rock solid. With that said, it's also fairly heavy for its size, but in comparison to a laptop in a laptop bag/backpack, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.  The weight is probably also essential to a solid interface between the Vibro and the surface used to amplify the sound, otherwise the unit would probably "jump" and move around due to the vibrations, killing the sound and being annoying in the process.

In comparing the sound of the Vibro Sound System, you must also keep in mind its intended usage, I can't really compare it to a Logitech LS21 speaker system, since the Vibro is not intended to be a full speaker replacement, it's meant as very portable, low power upgrade for those aweful "speakers," if they can even be called that, on today's ever-shrinking laptops/netbooks.  And in fulfilling that purpose it does well, very well.  Surprising bass, a good range of sound, and relatively low distortion at full power surprised me and surpassed my own expectations.


  • Compact
  • Low Power
  • Very good sound amplification
  • Decent sound range
  • Effortless plug n' play "install"
  • Very Portable


  • Slightly heavy (necessary evil for smooth operation)
  • A little interfacial distortion at high volumes (something all sound systems experience, although normally distortion due to the driver cone)


We were very pleased to be able to test this awesome little gadget, and would like to thank Bgears for providing it for us to test!

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