Bgears Vibro Sound System Review - A Closer Look



The Vibro Sound System ships in a "cheery" blue/black box, proudly showcasing the vibro unit.


The back of the box lists the features and compatibility information, pretty standard but the box is trendy and "satisfying."


This is our first look at the unit itself, simply a small rounded, piano black cube with it's USB cable, sound systems don't get much more simple, or portable, as this!  The Bgears logo on the front is very tastefully placed, and doesn't break up the sleek piano black finish.


This is a look at the "heart" of the Vibro Sound System, the vibration pad which is responsible for transmitting the subtle vibrations produced within the cube to your "sound surface."  It's a semi-rigid rubber pad that also helps serve as an anti-slip pad so that your sound doesn't go rogue and try to run away on you!


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