Bgears Vibro Sound System Review

Every once in awhile a product comes out that makes you scratch your head and makes you ask yourself, "How?"  Bgears' Vibro Sound System is one of those products, and every person I demonstrate it for double takes before I let them play with it and try to figure out how this little cube makes a large speaker's worth of sound.  This low-power, low profile, portable sound solution is a very unique product, and we will show you why.



The Vibro Sound system form Bgears is a plug n' play, low power and low profile sound replacement for those puny netbook or small notebook speakers that simply don't deliver.  And these deviate from regular speaker technology, in that it uses the surface it is sitting on to amplify and transmit the sound vibrations.  Sounds sketchy on paper, but, believe it or not, is really a great way to take nearly inaudible vibrations and turn it into a very full spectrum of sound.  This technology enables sound production while using minimal power, also a huge aspect of your laptop/netbook's performance, and with its compact size, it's perfect for all of your on-the-go notebook users.


  • Compact design replaced the traditional huge speakers with messy wiring.
  • Power and Play music through one USB connetion.
  • Plug and Play. No Driver needed.
  • Utilize the whole table surface as a virtual surround sound speaker.
  • Compatible with all Operating System: Windows or Apple.
  • Low Power Consumption and RoHS compliant.
Power Dissipation: Max:2.5W
Input Voltage: 5V
Audio Input: Digital signal
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Thermal Protection: 85°C
Operating Conditions :


Humidity: 10%∼80%

Storage Conditions:


Humidity: 10%∼90%

Unit Size: 60x60x45.5mm
Weight: 300g


  • ViBRO / Black
  • ViBRO / White
  • No accessories included (No accessories needed! Just Plug and Play.)


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