Logisys Cold Cathode Sound Reactive Module Review - Pictures and Installation



The Cold Cathode and sound module come in a basic clear plastic tube, which contains the usage instructions on the outside as well.

If the lights are too much at a given time, or the flashing becomes old, simply move the switch to the "On" or "Off" position and enjoy the steady ambiance, or darkness if you sleep near your computer and leave it on at night.  The knob on the rear panel also can be used to adjust the sensitivity, so you don't have to have loud music for it to work, but if you have your music loud, you can simply dial down the sensitivity so it's not constantly on.  We will demonstrate this in the video later.



Setup is super easy, and only takes a couple minutes to do.  Logisys includes a few squares of velcro as well for semi-permanent attachment which is a great feature!  Just find a regular 4-pin molex power connection, secure the control panel on the back panel of your PC, plug in the cathode(s) to the sound module, place your cathodes and you are ready to rock (literally!).


Here is a video (sorry for the poor quality!) which demonstrates how it works, as well as showing how easily it is to change the lighting settings!  We had the sensitivity set for the particular sound level so you get a very nice, crisp lighting response to the music.  It really is a ton of fun to "see" your music, and has been a big hit amongst friends as well!


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