Logisys Cold Cathode Sound Reactive Module Review

Computer lighting has become the "norm" in a wide range of today's computer cases, so how might you go about setting your case apart from others?  Logisys has the answer to that question, your lights respond to sound!  It really adds to listening to music and will turn the heads of those around you when they realize your computer is "lighting to the beat."  Think you would get annoyed of all the light at night or get sick of the flashing?  Logisys has you covered there as well, take a look to see what you are missing!




I have had my eye on the sound activated cold cathode modules for awhile, as I've been running cold cathodes for a few years and thought it would be a great way to add a unique feature to my case.  Well, now I'll show you why I wish I'd have pulled the trigger a long time ago and also the reason why I'm now searching for a similar lighting solution for an entire room!


Logisys proudly presents the first one of the kind in the world - the longest cold cathode super deluxe combo kit for the PC application. This kit includes one appr. 15" long super bright cold cathode tube, one innovative clear two-output inverter integrated with sound activated module and blue LED light and one PCI On/Off/Sound switch and sensitivity adjustable knob. This is ultimate PC lighting solution for PC modding! You need to try it to appreciate the beauty of the bright lighting and other convenient features!


  • Input Voltage: DC 12 Volt.
  • Input Current: 700mA
  • Input Connector: Molex 4pin connector with pass-through.
  • Output Connector: 2 Output socket for dual 15" cold cathode lights. Inverter: Sound control activation, sensitivity adjustable, with on/off switch to override sound control feature.
  • Cold Cathode light: Appr. 15" (14.3" long in acrylic tube) length with diameter 5/8"


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