Aerocool F6XT 6-Channel Fan Controller Review - Installation and Testing


Installation is essentially the same as installing any bay-drive or accessory, so it's pretty straight-forward.  I installed it in a Raidmax case which has a tool-less design, and it worked just fine that way as well!  Took maybe 30 seconds max.  Connected power, and some fans and fired up the system, and I now had control over all of my fans!


This is what it looked like installed and ready to go!


Here it is in in blue LED form!


And with a single press of the center button, red illuminates out from the front panel!  The middle button can be pressed once more to turn the LEDs off completely.  This is a very useful feature for those who are very sensitive to ambient light, especially if you leave your system on at night in a bedroom.  A note about the LEDs, they are not at all glaringly bright.  What I mean by that is that they are vivid on the panel itself, but won't light up the entire room like the LEDs in many of today's computer accessories will do, and I'm very happy for this attribute.


For testing we did what anyone else would do, we used our new F6XT, and gauged how much we liked it, and how well it worked.  It works great as advertised, had absolutely zero problems, installation was a breeze, and it looks attractive.  The buttons have a soft push with a definite click, and the unit responds instantaneously.  Not having a modular fan cable system may be a challenge for cable management junkies, but the length of the cables should allow for a huge array of cable management options, not to mention the lack of rear space taken up by the controller should allow for plenty of space to tidy up the wiring right in the bay itself.  The other thing that would be nice would be a more variable speed adjustment.  The 3 speeds really do work well, and will almost certainly be fine for 90 percent of users out there, but having the ability to fine tune the fan speeds a little more would have been nice.


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