The Aerocool F6XT comes in a very nice box which showcases the features of the fan controller inside.  The contents were very secure and well packaged.
These are the contents of the box laid out, it's pretty basic, no fluff here.  You get the F6XT, four mounting screws, and a user manual.
Here is the F6XT in all of its glory.  It's very light, and will not crowd any space in your drive bays, just pure electronics!  The finish is very nice, and the color scheme and general layout is very pleasing to me.
This image shows the rear of the panel where you have the main power cable, which also has two fan connectors, and the other four fan connectors soldered and glued to the back of the electronics panel.  This really illustrates how little room will be consumed by adding this controller to your 5.25" bay.
Here are all of your various power cables, which include your primary power from your power supply which powers the unit itself (and subsequently your fans), and also the six fan connectors, with two of them being connected to the primary power ribbon.
Now that we have seen the F6XT in detail, it's time to install it, and test it out!

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