Aerocool F6XT 6-Channel Fan Controller Review

The Aerocool F6XT looks futuristic, but there is plenty of functionality to back it up!  There are plenty of options in this 5.25-inch fan controller, take a peek to see what they are!




The F6XT fan controller is the latest 5.25-inch single bay offering from Aerocool for controlling your case fans.  The F6XT sports a futuristic-looking front panel which is quite different from most other fan controllers you will see on the market today.  It also has a rather flashy, but minimalistic and functional design with two LED color options, blue or red.


  • Controls 6 sets of fan speeds
  • 3 Adjustable speeds: Low / Medium / High
  • Dual LED colors + LED off functions
  • Supports up to 12W per channel
  • Suitable for gammers and enthusiasts


  • Dimension: 148.6(W) x 42.5(H) x 65(D)
  • Fan connectors: Molex 4 pins
  • Max. wattage per fan channel: 12W
Lets now dig in to the box!

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