Akasa Everest Notebook Cooler Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

The first thing that struck me about the Akasa Everest cooler was its superb build quality.  A thick, one-piece aluminum base provides the functional cooling backbone which holds your computer, and helps keep it cool.  It is also very stylish and incorporates very well thought out ergonomic designs and features which makes using your laptop, especially for extensive typing (as I type this) far more comfortable!  Added features like an on/off swith, variable fan speed adjustment, and built-in USB ports with optional supplemental power really make this cooler the complete package.  To top it all off, it provides great cooling performance at a whisper-quiet noise level, which is almost unnoticeable unless you really want to hear it.  It handled all tests great on my 17-inch laptop, which is oversized for this model, and if it can handle that, I'm sure it would work even better for you with a 15-inch laptop (or smaller).  It dropped our system temperatures drastically, putting less stress on your internal fans, and undoubtedly helping to increase the longevity of your notebook.  We tested the fit of this with a 13-inch Macbook Pro and a 15.4-inch Dell XPS, and it works and feels great for everything we have tried with it thus far.  And if that weren't enough, it incorporates simple and functional styling, and a great looking finish to seal the deal!


  • Great Build Quality
  • Very Sturdy all the way through
  • Easy tilt adjustment
  • Very Quiet
  • Good Cooling Performance
  • Power Switch and Variable Fan Speed Control
  • 4 USB Ports with optional supplemental power


  • Rather heavy, not incredibly portable
  • USB Ports in back partially blocked when using the cooler while flat

Overall, this seems to be great cooler with all the attention to the details you could ask for!  It does everything you'd want a notebook cooler to do and then some, and is built like a tank!

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