Akasa Everest Notebook Cooler Review - Testing



For our testing we will do a three-step testing process.  First we will test the laptop's temps on a hard, flat desk.  After that we will record the temperatures with the notebook on the Everest with no fans, then again with the fans running on high.  One thing to keep in mind is that I'm using a 17-inch laptop that is slightly larger than designed for the cooler and is also more high performance than most, so I believe it will be a good test for the Everest!

A couple things to keep in mind: since we are testing this on a notebook, the internal fan speeds vary greatly, which mildly affects our results.  We will be researching an appropriate fan control program to ensure perfectly consistent testing, and will update the review once that has been completed!

Flat Surface

Idle                                                                               Load


Everest Without Fan Running

Idle                                                                               Load


Everest With Fan On High

Idle                                                                               Load


The best comparison to be made from these tests would be the idle temperatures, as they all ran with the laptop on the lowest possible fan setting, whereas the fan speeds fluctuated during testing under the load conditions.  For instance, the desk test under load had the internal fan running at 100% the entire time, and kept it where it was at.  However, with the Everest, with both the fan running and when it wasn't running, the laptop would get cool enough where the internal fan would slow down, then the temperature would spike.  These oscillations continued throughout the load testing process.  We will be updating these test results when we find an appropriate way to control the fan speeds!  Either way, Everest dropped our temperatures by quite a margin, with or without the fan even on!

The fans are also whisper quiet, and you must put your ear next to the cooler in order to even hear that they are running.  And even though they are quiet, they still move a fair amount of air, and the design of the Everest cooler also enables great overall cooling along the whole bottom of your notebook, even my 17-inch (Everest is designed for 15.4-inch notebooks) received very good, even cooling all over!  The chassis of the notebook was noticeable cooler to the touch as well!


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