Akasa Everest Notebook Cooler Review - Pictures


Akasa's Everest comes in very sleek, functional packaging which has plenty of information, as well as large quantity of product pictures.



Everest is packaged very securely with minimal "fluff" in the box.


Let us now take a closer look at the cooler itself!


Here is the Everest cooler along with the other contents of the package.  The instruction manual as well as the USB cable for both powering the fans as well as powering the rear USB-port which we will give you a closer look at shortly.



Here is the Akasa Everest all by itself now.  A few first impressions were mostly based upon the attractive finish given to the entire unit, its modern styling, and most prominently, its incredible build quality.  The next picture will elaborate further on that!


Here you can see the thick, all-aluminum build of the primary laptop stand portion of Everest.  One thing to note, is this incredibly solid and thermally functional build material does add a bit of weight, so it may not be the most portable stand, but the build quality simply blew me away!  The plastic base is also built in a very sturdy fashion, and the rubber feet on the bottom provide tons of grip on your table/desk/bed (wherever you laptop happens to be).


This is the left side of the Everest, and this is where the USB power cord plugs in, and as well as the very nice features of variable fan adjustment and a power switch. Both of these are absent from other Notebook coolers I have used, and they are certainly useful!


This is the rear of the Everest with the stand elevated.  Here you can see the rear USB ports which will operate with up to 100mAh of current and the mini-USB plug-in which goes out to your laptop.  A great little feature with the rear USB panel is that you may pick up an optional 5V DC cord to power more power-hungry USB devices using the rear panel.


Here is a side view of the Everest while elevated.  You can get a good view of the full aluminum upper portion of the stand.  Using aluminum for this portion will further help wick heat away from your computer and to the air.  On the bottom of the stand is the "lip" where the bottom edge of your laptop rests.  This creates a crest that your laptop sits very nicely into, and has a very well-designed ergonomic contour.  I'm using the stand as I type this and this is a very comfortable arrangement!  My wrists rest nicely on the stand and it puts little pressure on them as I type.  For those using laptops for extended periods of time, this stand could be the perfect solution to minimize the stress you place on your hands and arms as you type.


Here is how tilt-adjustment works with the Everest, you simply move the arm into various notches to achieve your desired tilt.  This functionality is especially great for using your laptop on your lap or while laying down.  One small note is that the rear USB-panel is partially blocked when it is laying all the way down.

Now that we've shown you Akasa's Everest notebook cooler, lets move onto some testing!


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