Scythe USB Foot Switch Review - Final Thoughts


Final Thoughts

Scythe's USB Foot Switch is a solid, superbly built unit, with plenty of options that only take a few seconds to setup!  No real drivers or extra software is needed, and it really adds a big boost to almost anything you can think of!  Games, office and productivity work, graphic design, and, most importantly in my mind, it may allow many people around the world to overcome disabilities that detract from their computing experiences!  I would highly recommend these to anyone who uses their computer on a daily basis, and especially for anyone who find themselves pounding out macros day-after-day!



  • Great Build Quality
  • Beautiful Piano Black Finish
  • Strong Spring Action and Range of Pedal Motion
  • Easy to use software and effortless installation


  • May slide on chair mats or laminated flooring

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# george gibson 2012-01-07 06:52
Dear Sir,
Do you think this would work with win98se?
Also I presume you can assign any function you wish to each pedal?
George Gibson.
# Inferno 2012-01-16 21:19
If the drivers and software work with Windows 98, I would think they'd still map fine, although it would be hard to say for sure! Good luck!