Scythe USB Foot Switch Review - Testing and Thoughts



One quick thing, the "drivers" aren't really drivers at all, since nothing is really installed, but instead all you do is run a very simple program that has some pre-configured options or a variety of custom options.


Here is the screen where I have the programs for the 1 Foot Switch and 2 Foot Switch open.  Keep in mind that once you define a key with this program, it will remain that way on the foot switch, even if you change computers with it.  And that brings us to why I have both a 1 and 2 Foot Switch.  They can be used concurrently, and this is how you would do that.  To use two (or more, I suppose, if you really dig using your feet!) is to hook one up, all by itself, and use its respective program to define its keys.  Then, unplug the first, and plug in the second one and do the same with its respective program.  Now, you should have separately defined Foot Switches for oodles of added input options!


You can also define them to do various defined tasks, such as used for music functions, as well, I'm sure, an almost unlimited array of things!

A not on the build quality... superb!  The whole unit is solid, the springs in the pedals themselves provide a firm resistance to the press, and it creates a very natural "feel" with your feet, and it's strong enough where you can somewhat rest your feet on the pedals without actuating the button itself.


There are a wide variety of very convenient uses for this pedal, from entertainment to enabling a disability!

  • These pedals can be used who have trouble with macros, be it some sort of disability or any wide variety of reason which might make button combinations difficult, or have a need for easier input methods.
  • Productivity and office applications can be drastically increased by binding some of your common macros to the pedals
  • Macro-intensive games, such as World of Warcraft can be enhanced with the use of the pedals
  • Any game can use the Foot Switch, including racing games (although it's not a variable throttle/brake), as well as FPS games (I use the pedals for leaning in certain games, as well as weapon changes/relaods, and has really made me far faster in any situation)
  • Graphic Design!  I think this is one use that has been overlooked with these pedals.  I used these in Photoshop for about 10 minutes, and I SPED through things that I used to have to tinker with.  Selecting, copying, pasting, deselecting, merging, you name it, went in the blinks of an eye!  No need to stop, look at the keyboard, and pound out endless key combinations.  Keep your eyes on your work, and do it with your feet in a single click!


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# george gibson 2012-01-07 06:52
Dear Sir,
Do you think this would work with win98se?
Also I presume you can assign any function you wish to each pedal?
George Gibson.
# Inferno 2012-01-16 21:19
If the drivers and software work with Windows 98, I would think they'd still map fine, although it would be hard to say for sure! Good luck!