Scythe USB Foot Switch Review - Pictures



Not surprisingly, the Scythe USB Foot Swtich comes in a very colorful, and informative box, with plenty of (multilingual) specifications and descriptions listed!




The USB Foot Switch comes with a "driver" CD and an instruction manual.  Pictured is the contents from the USB 1 Foot Switch along with the 2 Foot Switch.  Also note the very nice gloss finish on the 2 Foot Switch, which would also be the same build as the 3 Foot Switch, except, obviously, with one more pedal.


Here are the bottoms of the Foot Switches, and you can see the elevated, non-slip feet which they rest upon.  You can also see the added size of the base for the 2 and 3 foot switches.


Here's a different angle giving you better perspective on the large-ribbed gripping pads on the top of the pedals as well as the relatively large range of motion for the pedals, which is nice, since it allows a very definite range of motion.  Again, you can see the smooth, piano black finish.


Here's the top of the Foot Switch, where you can also see the USB cable.  Not that the baseboard for the pedals has the nice gloss finish through-and-through, and not simply on the top, which is always a plus!


This is one more look at how the pedals are built and oriented on the overall unit, and once again, I'll point out the large range of motion the pedals have, with a very nice spring for resistance, creating a great feel when using it!


Now, let's try it out and see how it does!


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# george gibson 2012-01-07 06:52
Dear Sir,
Do you think this would work with win98se?
Also I presume you can assign any function you wish to each pedal?
George Gibson.
# Inferno 2012-01-16 21:19
If the drivers and software work with Windows 98, I would think they'd still map fine, although it would be hard to say for sure! Good luck!