Scythe Ninja Wire Review

Scythe has developed this Ninja Wire as a solution for the increasing weight of many of a PC's components.  In particular, the weight due to large CPU coolers or graphics cards, which can put great stress on your motherboard.  Using this versatile Ninja Wire, you can increase stability, and reduce stress on your motherboard, maximizing the useful life of your components!




Scythe makes a wide range of products developed to help users achieve the highest level of performance and lifetime out of their machines.  The Ninja Wire is no exception.  Very versatile and very simple, it is a perfect solution for those who are worried about the stresses placed on the motherboard on the ever-increasing size and weight of many modern components, primarily video cards and CPU coolers.

It's likely named "Ninja Wire" due to its glaring similarity to a grappling hook from Ninja or Bond lore.


Model Name: Scythe Ninja Wire
Model #: SCYNW-1000
Manufacturer: Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan
Contents: Weight: 18 g / 30.7 oz
Material: Steel
Cable Length: 1 m
Max. Load:
2 kg  / 4.4 lb

Ease of use:
Using Scythe Ninja Wire,  CPU coolers or other heavy components can be fixed and stabilized very easily both inside and outside of the PC .

Using inside the PC:
Inside the PC chassis, Ninja Wire can be used to stabilize heavy CPU coolers or graphic cards to prevent possible damage.

Next we will see how it works!


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