Slappa M.A.S.K. Custom Build 17" Laptop Backpack Review - Conclusion


Wrapping Up

From the ultimate-level of personalization, premium materials, high build-quality, and overall amount of storage capabilities, the Slappa M.A.S.K. has already become a favorite, and draws "wows" from people who see it, not something that happens often with a backpack.

We see no reason why you wouldn't get many years of use out of this backpack, and it has a very high level of padding for your valuable items, and the overall build is semi-rigid, and we feel your laptops or other fragile equipment would be very safe.

Another important factor which we haven't touched upon yet, comfort, is another point of excellence of the bag.  When positioning the straps so that the "High Five" padding rests on your lower back, I've had no trouble with comfort while carrying a full backpack, including my laptop, two DVD cases, and multiple other items.  This is an essential factor, and the shoulder straps are also very comfortable, even with very heavy loads.


Overall, we are very ecstatic about this backpack, and every detail has been put into it.  This pricetag is a little higher, but the premium materials and high durability means that, dollar-for-dollar, this backpack is going to be a great deal for you!  Not to mention, no other backpack in the world lets you be you like the M.A.S.K. does!


  • Customization Options
  • Materials and Build Quality
  • Plenty of Storage pockets
  • Lay-flat capabilities
  • Plenty of padding, and good protection
  • Attractive Style


  • Somewhat Pricey

Overall, another highly recommended product from Slappa, and we believe, when all said and done, well worth every penny!




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