Slappa M.A.S.K. Custom Build 17" Laptop Backpack Review - Pictures


Slappa was kind enough to allow us to review their M.A.S.K. Custom Laptop backpack, and sent it to us with the "High Five" face, Blue Lining, and two inserts!

Let's dive right in and take a look at the Slappa M.A.S.K. laptop backpack!


Let's start off with a few unique features of the M.A.S.K. backpack, and there are plenty of them!

From Slappa:

The front "face" is completely removable and can be switched with
another that fits your personal style better the KOA has more pocket room
with 3 huge separate pockets with a ton of space for gear, drinks, games,
etc. The High Five is also very cool, but has more of a collegiate feel.
There will be more faces that will come out in the near future.
The laptop area can be opened completely and laid flat on the table,
it is great for travelling, and when you have to go through the x-ray you
can just open the bag completely and not have to remove the computer. The
side straps disconnect to allow you to open it completely or to cinch it
tighter if you are not carrying as much as you can in the back.

The interior comes in 3 colors, red, blue, and black. You can also
chooses one of 12 (currently 12 moving toward 30) inserts from artists all
over the world. The custom art inserts allow each consumer to choose the
piece that fits their personality.

This bag is ideal for the gamers who carry 15'-17" computers; DJ's
who bring all of their gear with them from one venue to another, the weekend
traveler, photographers and outdoorsmen.

These are just a few examples of the level of detail and thought that was put into this backpack, it seems very apparent that Slappa is really working toward the perfect bag, and one that anyone might find to be the best solution for their needs!


The flash produces a sharp contrast between the different materials, other pictures will show that the various pieces do not stand out from each other that distinctly on the bag in normal lighting conditions.


This is the front section which can be taken off and replaced with the KOA face, which is more accommodating to larger items, where the "High Five" face which we have here is more collegiate focused.  I really like Slappa's usage of their logo in the design of their products.  Where most companies' logos are a design detriment, Slappa uses it to their advantage, and it looks great as well (as you will see more of later).


Here is the rear of the backpack, with the "High Five" padding on the back, once again, another great way to incorporate the neat Slappa logo.


Here is the 'High Five" portion of the bag opened up, and even the "small" pocket of the bag has plenty of room for a wide variety of things!


This is how the "High Five" portion zips on/off of the main portion of the backpack, and can be switched with the KOA or future faces!


This is the front side of the middle pocket, and there are more pockets and storage options for any of your knick knacks you want to have with you!


Here is the front portion of the main laptop portion, and, again, plenty of storage pockets, and a larger zippered portion which you could use for a variety of wider, flat items, maybe even your new netbook or tablet along with your laptop, but I've been using it for my battery charger for my laptop.


This is the flap of the padded laptop pocket, and it fits my rather larger 17-inch laptop very snugly!  Just a reminder that the inner color can also be customized when you order your backpack from Slappa!


Here you can see how well my 17-inch HP DV9000z laptop fits, and the padding all around the laptop makes it feel very secure, and very safe!


Here is the middle portion, with the velcro strips exposed where you may attach one of Slappa's artist-designed inserts to further personalize your backpack, like we said before, a backpack has never felt so much like yours .


Here are two of the inserts Slappa sent us, which velcro into the middle compartment of the backpack.


Here is one of the inserts "installed" into our backpack, it really adds a nice touch to the bag!


This is the lower zipper portion of the main laptop section, showing how it "over-zips" to allow the backpack to lay completely flat, ideal for those taking their computers through an airport, no detail left unnoticed!


Once again, showing how the main portion of the backpack is able to lay out completely flat.

Now, let's move onto another important aspect of any backpack, strength, protection, and durability!


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