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Sleevecase and Piggyback


Waterfield Designs sent us a Sleevecase with a vertical orientation and flap, as well as a piggyback and strap ensemble.  The ballistic nylon does not picture very well with a flash, so we apologize for that!  Upon initial handling, I was blown away by this bag.  There is nothing particularly flashy about it, but the construction is incredible, and you can "feel" the quality that this bag encapsulates.  No shortcuts were taken on the materials, utilizing ballistic nylon and neoprene padding, as opposed to cheaper nylon fabric along with foam padding.  There large variety of sizes ensures a perfect fit, and optimal protection for your laptop, and the size for your laptop can be quickly found on the Sleevecase Product Page by simply choosing your manufacturer from a dropdown, and find your model with it's respective size.


The piggyback clips onto the sleevecase's D-rings, and provides a great way to carry other essentials, while still packing light and keeping your precious laptop secure, just add the strap and you've got a great looking way to carry (and protect) your laptop on-the-go.  The Sleevecase would also be great for those who carry their laptops in bags or backpacks not padded or explicitly design to carry a laptop, and would provide more than enough padding to keep your equipment safe.


This is the bottom of the bag, with the elastic suspension strap ensuring a perfect fit, and here you get a look at the tidy seams, the high quality nylon, and the attention to detail found in Waterfield's products.

Sleevecase Padding

Here's the interior of the bag made from neoprene, this is a great feature, and undoubtedly adds a level of water resistance, and demonstrates the lack of sacrifice for cheaper materials such as foam for the padding.  On the bottom left is the D-rings which you may attach a Piggyback or a shoulder strap.


Here you can see my (large) HP DV9000 170inch laptop, and, as you can see the fit is very good!  It's snug, but not suffocatingly tight, and my laptop feels very well protected!


Another look at the Sleevecase with my laptop inside, the laptop fits wonderfully!


This image shows the Sleevecase with the piggyback installed on the Sleevecase's D-rings.  The Piggyback has a zippered top, and is also made from the same high-end materials as Sleevecase, and is a perfect solution for those looking to carry a few other essentials such as phones or charging cables!





Now we have the Piggyback and Sleevecase ensemble with a strap which also quickly attaches to the Sleevecase's D-rings, quickly transforming your bag to an on-the-go solution!


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