Slappa HardBody 40/40 DVD Case Review - Conclusion- Slappa Hardbody DVD Case | Tech Kings

Final Thoughts

The obvious attention to detail, the build quality, the interlocking page system, and the looks of Slappa's Hardbody Black Wave design, in all the honesty I can muster, have me more excited then I ever thought I can be as something as "routine" as a DVD case.  Well, there seems to be nothing routine about this DVD case, and I can honestly say that I will probably never purchase another DVD or CD case that isn't a Slappa Hardbody!



  • Build Quality (Heavy duty zippers, materials)
  • Interlocking Pages
  • Style
  • The "little" things (microfiber interior and provided cloth)


  • On the slightly more expensive side of DVD cases (Well worth it in our opinion)

Overall, we would highly recommend Slappa's Hardbody cases for your CD, DVD, or Video Game collections!


Once again, give Slappa a look at Slappa's website, on Facebook, on Myspace, and Youtube!

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