Slappa operates under the slogan, "Protect Your Digital Gear," well, with our look at their Hardbody DVD case, we feel our gear is well protected!  And now we will show you why!
Slappa 40/40 DVD Case
We received the "Black Wave" color scheme for this 40/40 Hardbody case, and, as you can see, it is made of a durable fabric, with a synthetic trim along the lower middle of the case.  The case has a rigid, but not solid backbone, and I would probably wouldn't trouble my conscience throwing this thing off of a building with all my DVDs in it, as I feel very sure that the contents would be safe.  Everything about this case SCREAMS solid, and we will show you more of what we mean in a bit!
Slappa 40/40 Hardbody
Slappa Hardbody Zipper
Here you can see the cool rubberized zipper pulls, as well as the very "beefy" zipper on this case.  Attention to detail and durability was obviously not overlooked in any way, as you can see from the metal brackets for the case's handle.  On the top of the handle is a clear window where you may insert labels or your name on the case, and two labels are included with the case!
Slappa Hardbody Pages
This is the inside of the Slappa Hardbody case, and once again, attention to detail is evident.  The entire inside of this case is lined with microfiber cloth, and they even provide a microfiber disc-cleaning cloth!  The inner pocket on the front cover is perfect for CD sleeves if you have a few extra you want to carry, or if you want to throw some music in with your movies on the go!
Slappa Interlocking Pages
This is easily one of my favorite features (aside from the great overall build quality), which is Slappa's d2i Interlocking pages, they are very smooth and free, yet snap snugly in place when you have them where you want!
Slappa Pages
A better look at the sliding portions of the pages
Slappa Hardbody
The great thing about series or movies with many sequels is that I can simply bump Gladiator down the bench of another Bourne movie were to come out, with minimal rearranging for those of us who are organization freaks!

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