Slappa HardBody 40/40 DVD Case Review

Slappa utilizes quality craftsmanship, a unique page system, and modern style to put together what we want to call, "The Mercedes of DVD Cases."

Slappa 40/40 Hardbody DVD Case



About Slappa

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SLAPPA was formed in 2002 and launched into the market in June 2003.

The concept around SLAPPA was based on the lack of top quality storage cases for CD's. Company president, Dominick Martinetti, created and patented the revolutionary d2 pocket system. The d2 pocket system is the first solution in home and portable CD storage that enables users to store discs and disc covers (liner notes) in dedicated layered pockets, and discard plastic jewel cases. SLAPPA HardBody PRO cases were designed around the d2 pages, with the intent of offering the ultimate protection for digital media.

When SLAPPA launched the HardBody PRO line in June 2003, it was met with great enthusiasm. SLAPPA was immediately adopted into niche audiophile circles and the DJ and Pro-Audio world. The company was winning praise from its first customers and audiophile publications, and it was at this time the company recognized it had a unique formula for success.

Since the launch of the brand, SLAPPA products-- from the HardBody CD cases to the new line of RoadWarrior laptop bags and cases-- have been recognized by more than 100 audio and gadget publications as a top quality range of products that offer innovative solutions to the otherwise mundane world of bags and cases.

In June 2008SLAPPA celebrated its 5-Year Anniversary. 60 months since the company launched the award winning HardBody CD line, the SLAPPA brand and the SLAPPA team still carry forth a primary focus of producing outstanding products with unique features and also providing a perfect customer experience for every individual who buys a SLAPPA product.



The HardBody Black Wave PRO is ideal for 40 DVDs and 40 covers. With its molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell, the case safely stores away your DVDs from damage. Combined with a velvet lined interior and optional d2i Interlocking Pages featuring d2 Layered Pockets for both disc and cover, the HardBody Black Wave PRO provides the ultimate combination of technology and style.

The HardBody Black Wave PRO's polypropylene windows on d2 pockets will not stick to or damage discs and all pockets are stitched (not cheaply sealed). In addition, soft, non-woven waffle panels keep discs completely protected from scratches. Finally, two industrial strength zippers with molded rubber zipper pullers mean your case will open and close with ease.

Each case ships with 2 spine labels for cataloging and a disc cleaning cloth.

- Both d2 & d2i versions come loaded with pages, no additional purchase necessary
- The d3i pages accessory is only compatible with d2i Slide-n-lock version
- Designed to store DVD and cover, will not hold plastic DVD boxes

Product Dimensions:
14"(w) x 9.75"(h) x 3.5"(d) - standard, 15"(w) x 10.13"(h) x 2.13"(d) - d2i

Product Weight:
2.53 lb - standard, 2.266 lb - d2i


Let's see what's under the hood!


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