Scythe Kaze Master Pro Review - Installation


The installation of the Scythe Kaze Master Pro is pretty straight forward.  Slide it into your drive bay, and secure it, connect the power, any fans, and however many temperature sensors you'd like.

The temperature sensors can be placed anywhere, and attached via small pieces of yellow tape, which are supplied with the Kaze Master Pro.  No setup is required, and it begins working upon installation, giving RPM and Temperature readouts from the push of the power button.  A note on the pictures is that even the smallest traces of dust show with the flash, and I cannot see the dust at all in normal lighting environments.

Kaze Master Pro Install

And here you can see where I placed one of the temperature sensors

Kaze Master Pro

A closeup of how the sensors are attached.  The tape is relatively non-sticky, and leaves no residue when removed.

Kaze Master Pro Sensor

More closeups of the installed unit, and, again, the smudges and dust are "invisible" in normal lighting conditions, the flash brings them out due to the very smooth finish on the Kaze Master Pro.

Kaze Master Pro Front

The soft blue LEDs do not show up very bright, and the LCDs match very well with my case's blue lighting

Kaze Master Pro Angle


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