Logtiech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System Review - Logtiech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System Performance


The setup for the LS21 speakers is pretty straight forward, but one major thing I noticed is that there is a very apparent lack of "tethering."  This is very nice, as everything is fairly independent cable-wise, with other speaker sets it always seems like if I move one speaker, the other speaker, the sub, and the control unit all move along with it.  With these, the two speakers are attached, and they plug into the subwoofer together.  The control unit then plugs into the subwoofer, and everything has alot of play with relatively long cables.  This was very convenient for optimal speaker, sub, and control unit placement on my desk space.  Overall, everything was a breeze, as I expected from a product from Logitech.



I was pleasantly surprised when I first fired up the LS21 speakers to be greeted with very full and rich sound from a very compact 2.1 system that can be purchased for around $25.  The acoustics are very crisp, and it produces very full sound for it's size (listening to them as I write this).  The really high frequency sounds are a bit distorted, but nothing noticeable unless you are looking for them, or if you are an audiophile.  For the size of my office, these easily fill the room with sound without pushing the volume up.



The sub is quite nice for it's small size, and to test it we unplugged the speakers, as to do our best to not stress them too much when we increase the volume, and to not blow our own ear drums out.  We picked a few of our favorite bass-heavy songs, and the sub did pretty well.  A little distortion was seen as about 65% volume, and fairly severe bass distortion came in at about 75% volume.  Since our normal high volume is about 40% max, no distortion is noticeable unless you are really trying to stress the speakers or make alot of noise, after all, if you are looking for ear-splitting loudness and crisp, banging bass, you probably aren't going to be buying 25 dollar computer speakers.  So, overall we were very impressed with how these performed!


The Final Words

For the money, we are fairly certain that these are one of the better speakers we have used.  If you are in the market for a budget speaker system, these are the closest thing to a no-brainer.  Here's a brief summary of some of the pros and cons of the Logitech LS21 2.1 Speaker System.


  • Good cabling/connection system
  • Clear, full sound
  • Built-in cable management
  • Easy Setup


  • A bit of distortion in high-frequency sounds, mostly unoticeable
  • Subwoofer experiences a fair amount of distortion

These speakers are just another testament to Logitech, and the price is nearly unbeatable, and I'd be happy to give Logitech more of my money for these speakers if I ever need another pair of budget speakers.




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