Logtiech LS21 2.1 Stereo Speaker System Review - Unboxing/Initial Thoughts

LS 21

Here we've unboxed our new LS21 speakers, and layed out all of the major contents.  The subwoofer is a pretty nice little unit, and does quite well for it's size, and appears to be the same subwoofer shipped along with the X-240.  One thing that immediately jumped out at us was the piano black speakers.  The pictures don't show the piano black glossy finish very well, but it looks very good, and adds a nice touch of style to the set, which is more impressive given the price of this set.

LS21 Bottom

Here you can see the downward-facing subwoofer driver, as well as the very nice aluminum housing and feet of the speakers themselves.  You also get a better feel for the glossy piano black finish on the satellite units.


LS21 Control Unit

In this picture you can see the control "pod" for the speakers.  Very simple, a green LED on top to show that it's powered on, a rolling volume control, a regular 3.5mm headphone jack, and an On/Off switch.  At first, I wasn't a big fan of the minimalistic control unit, but it grew on me as I started to use it.  It has a very long cable coming from the subwoofer, which really allows perfect placement, and, especially for my current setup, takes up essentially no desk space.  The top has a similar piano black finish like the satellites do, and matches well.

LS21 Rear View

This has to be one of the best little features in all of the speaker sets I have owned.  The rear portion of the speakers have a spool where you can wind any excess wire which you might have.  This is even more awesome for those office setups which you would like to keep everything as tidy as possible, specifically an open desk setup.  It such a basic thing, yet this is the first time I've seen this in a speaker set, and I very much hope this rubs off on other speaker sets and brands.


Next we will move onto the really important stuff, how well do they work?

LS21 Box Rear


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