PenSketch M912A Professional Pen Tablet Review

Final Thoughts

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Overall, this tablet performed well, especially for the price. It is half the cost of a similarly sized Wacom Intuos5 tablet and has very similar functionality. It has a nice large, drawing area, is incredibly easy to setup and will likely work well for you right out of the box without fidgeting with too many settings. The pen and mouse have a few glitches now and again, but work very well most of the time. If you are new to Photoshop or are not big on remembering hotkeys, the express keys are great for getting at common features, quickly.


There are a few shortcomings with how the tablet is set up and the quality and stability of the lines, but I was generally pleased with it’s performance.  If you are looking for a high quality, affordable tablet for a beginner or hobbyist artist- this would be a top pick!  In the low-$200 price range, it's simply difficult to beat, and compared to much more expensive offerings from its competitors, its intermittent issues are forgivable.

The Good

  • Affordable 
  • Large drawing area
  • Express keys work well in Photoshop
  • Surface is smooth but not slick
  • Fits into most large sized backpacks for on-the-go work
  • Easy to setup - needs little to no configuration out of the box
  • Comes with Photoshop Elements 9 and Painter 4 Essentials

The Bad

  • USB cord attaches to the tablet on the top and is not detachable
  • Pen and mouse can be glitchy
  • Express keys need to be remapped for some non-photoshop drawing applications
  • No built in eraser in the pen
  • Buttons on the pen grip are easy to accidently hit
  • Cannot be mapped to individual monitors in multi-monitor setups

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