PenSketch M912A Professional Pen Tablet Review


If you are looking for a large, easy to use, professional tablet without the steep price tag, the PenSketch M912A by Genius may be the perfect fit! This tablet has a huge drawing area, comes with a wire-free, battery-free mouse and pen and a software bundle that will have you setup and drawing in no time!


Genius proudly introduces a milestone in professional tablets - PenSketch M912A. Providing accuracy with 5120 LPI, it is a superior advanced pen tablet for designers, artists and professionals using Windows or Mac systems. The enlarged 9” x 12” working area is suitable for all types of productivity and comfortable for long-time use with a palm rest around the working area. Using PenSketch M912A, you can draw and illustrate effortlessly.



No matter if you want to edit photos, make a drawing or create any professional art work, PenSketch M912A will help you to accomplish these tasks. The packaging comes complete with a handle so it’s easy to carry.


Bundled Software:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Corel Painter Essentials 4
  • Genius PenDrawer

Courtesy of Genius




Express Keys 8
Transparent Overlay Sheet Yes
Resolution (LPI) 5120 LPI
Report Rates (RPS) 300 PPS
Active Area 9"x12"
OS Support


Mac OS 10/4 or above

Interface USB
With Cordless Pen Yes
With Cordless Mouse Yes
Digital Pen-Accuracy ±0.25 mm
Digital Pen-Number of Buttons 2
Digital Pen-Pressure Sensitive 2048 Levels
Digital Pen-Battery Free Yes
Pen Stand Yes
Mouse-Number of Buttons 3
Mouse-Battery Free Yes
Mouse-Scroll Wheel Yes
Courtesy of Genius

Packaging and Included Accessories

Box combo



The box is quite large, which is not surprising considering the size of the tablet, and comes with a built in, ‘easy-carry’ handle. The box opens suitcase style, making it simple to unpack and repack if you ever need to store your tablet.


The tablet is the first thing you see when opening the box; snugly fastened into place with soft bars of styrofoam. Underneath the tablet is a well organized assortment of accessories: the pen, pen holder, mouse, pen nib remover, software and instruction manual. 


The tablet packaging has many warnings informing you to install the tablet drivers first before plugging in your tablet for the first time. Accidentally plugging the tablet into your machine before installing the drivers can dramatically slow down setup time.


This bundle includes Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and Painter 4 Essentials which are great starter programs if you don’t already have imaging software installed. The functionality of this software is abridged compared to the full version, but still offer key tools you need to get work done.


Overall, the packaging presentation is nice, clean and clear - making it easy for anyone to set up the tablet, even with minimal technical know-how. 

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