X-Rite i1Display Pro Display Calibrator Review


i1 Display Pro - Final Thoughts

The concept of display calibration and accuracy management across an entire management, at face value, sounds like a tedious and expensive process.  X-rite, with their i1Display Pro, takes any tedium out of the process.  In addition to the graphics we do, it's a perfect companion for timely, consistent, and accurate measurements for our display reviews.  The software is intuitive, easy to use, and the built-in help pane makes it very un-intimidating for novices to use and understand all of the available features.


Advanced users should find plenty of functionality to stretch their color-obsessed intentions and the standard options provide plenty of functionality for a vast majority of users.  Keep in mind that X-rite offers similar products like the ColorMunki Display which offers you similar functionality but at a more affordable price point, although obviously some of the more advanced functionality will be stripped away such as measured or user-defined calibration targets.


We've found the results to be extremely consistent and provides a perfect platform for us to calibrate our office monitors for graphic design work and also to provide a basis of comparison for various displays that we have and will be reviewing.  The only feature we think is missing is a QA (color quality) uniformity test, and if X-Rite could roll the QA checker into the Uniformity workflow, that would be a beneficial feature, in my opinion.


The overall suite allows photographers and designers alike an integrated solution for color management across the design-print-scan life cycle.  It's user friendly, quick, easy, and consistent; what more would you ask for?  At $249.99 it hits a good value position in that it will deliver results that are only marginally improved by much more expensive display calibrators.  For the extensive features and intuitive software, the $250 asking price doesn't seem particularly high for a professional-level device whose speed allows it to be used for individuals and offices alike. 


For those who are balking at the price tag of the i1Display Pro and don't particularly desire the advanced features and just want to be able to profile your displays, the ColorMunki Display (at $169.99) and the ColorMunki Smile (at $89.99) round out a tier of options to get you into improving your display's color profile.


The Good


The Bad

  • Efficient, clean design
  • Consistent measurements
  • Quick calibration / measurements
  • Vast profiling / target options
  • Compatible with Auto Display Control (ADC)
  • Software intuitive to use
  • No built-in color quality uniformity

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