X-Rite i1Display Pro Display Calibrator Review

i1 Display Pro - Design

X-Rite's i1Display Pro is a rounded, palm-sized brick which looks quite inconspicuous on a desk top.  The top white circle is a light diffuser to allow for ambient light measurements while simultaneously protecting the colorimeter lens underneath.  About half way up one side is where the USB cable attaches which allows it to sit snugly on your display surface.  A sliding counterweight on the USB cable is used to balance the i1Display Pro while you're making measurements on your panel.  The bottom of the calibrator also has a threaded mount for a tripod or other mount which is particularly useful for calibrating projectors.




Speaking of projector calibration, the diffuser / cover / stand allows the unit to take a look at your projectors without the use of an external stand.  I'm always big on design features being able to hit two (or three in this case) birds with one stone.   With the diffuser opened up, we can see the thin foam padding that allows the i1Display Pro to gently seal against the surface of your monitor and keep dust (and light) from in interfering with your measurements.


Overall, the i1Display Pro is a compact and thoughtfully-designed instrument that is every bit as functional as you'd hope for in an easy-to-use colorimeter.

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