ASUS PB278Q 27-inch WQHD PLS LED Monitor Review

ASUS PB278Q - Ghosting

Using PixPerAn to observe ghosting, the PB278Q did quite well.  The built-in "Trace Free" feature which is used to prevent ghosting produced the best result for us at the "20" setting.  Anything higher than that began to produce a bit of overshooting compensation and the ghosting effect was minimized noticeably, if not almost eliminated altogether.  Ghosting in other applications, like movies and gaming, will be discussed in a bit more detail in the next couple paragraphs.




 (Click image for full 2560x1440 resolution)


Gaming on the PB278Q is, quite simply, an absolute pleasure.  And while I don't have pro-level standards for my monitors (requiring 2ms response times and 120Hz refresh rates, I found absolutely nothing that kept me from thoroughly enjoying using ASUS' PB278Q for fast-paced FPS gaming.  The response times felt very good, there was no noticeable ghosting, the colors and vibrance lent to an immersive experience, and the 2560x1440 resolution gave the games a whole new level of pretty (and gave our 7970 DirectCU II a run for its money).  The extra real estate allowed me to boost up the field of view without it looking through a fish-eye lens which lent to a slight advantage, especially since we had plenty of pixels so we weren't sacrificing any detail. 


The gaming performance really lends to the PB278Q being a "quiver killer," as it can be used for professional-level graphics work and then be used for games and be just as well-suited.  You know what they say about work and play, ASUS must have listened when putting together the PB278Q.



 (Click image for full 2560x1440 resolution)


Movies and other multimedia also looks great.  Blu Ray movies still look fantastic stretched across the 2560x1400 resolution, and the relatively quick response times keep your movies from ghosting.  The fast-paced action scenes of HBO's "The Pacific" looked uterly fantastic, especially when supplimented by the "scenery" mode.  In fact, the "scenery" mode has been an outright boon to my multimedia collection.

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