ASUS PB278Q 27-inch WQHD PLS LED Monitor Review

ASUS PB278Q - On Screen Controls

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The on screen display is laid out very traditionally, and I found it a bit tricky to use at first.  Mostly because I wish the up/down arrows were right next to each other, but after a bit of practice navigation is fine.  There are 5 preset modes: Standard, sRGB, Scenery, Theater, and User.  User allows manual RGB color adjustment and dual white point settings.  The sRGB was by far the most accurate out of the box, but I tended to like "Standard" or "Scenery" modes for games and movies because they deliver a more intense white and vibrance that I tended to like for those applications.  Other "standard" adjustments can be made to the brightness, contrast, color temp, Gamma, and in user mode hue and saturation.  The "Trace Free" can be used as preemptive ghosting prevention, and the 20/40 setting did a good job at evening out ghosting we saw in PixPerAn (discussed later) while anything higher caused some over-correction.


Viewing Angles

The viewing angles are very good, and rival what you may expect from IPS displays.  The screen still looks very bright even at extreme angles.  Obviously once you get more to the side you start getting reflections and other interference that will naturally begin to reduce its clarity.  Overall though the viewing angles don't disappoint.

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# tuta 2013-02-18 19:07
$649?? humm, I prefer 29" 21:9...