Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review


Final Thoughts|The Ultimate Mousing Machine?

The premium car chassis-like aluminum body, the comforting heft, the industrial looks, the adjustable ergonomics, and the solid overall gaming performance are all reasons why the Level 10 M is the first mouse to make me feel like I'm experiencing something new.  Those feelings I felt when I first got my first gaming mouse, stepping up from a generic Dell mouse that had a dead left button (the membrane wore out...).  I really don't know if there's anything I can dig at enough to change the Level 10 M, as I haven't yet found any glaring flaws, and almost everything about the experience has been positive.  From the feeling of opening the well thought out packaging and its neat presentation, to the clean and polished programming software, and the overall attention to detail, Thermaltake and BMW DesignworksUSA have done a fantastic job on the latest addition to the Level 10 lineup.


Thermaltake Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review Wrapup


The Level 10 series is Thermaltake's premium brand.  BMW is a premium company, and their DesignworksUSA division develops premium designs for anything from computer peripherals to private airliners. Even in the Level 10 M's mission statement, it is clear that it was meant to be a premium product in every way, and premium products carry a premium price.  It was meant to be for the serious gamer who wants a serious (and unique) peripheral, and who wouldn't mind the price tag for a mouse with an aluminum base, an eye-catching industrial design, and mechanically-adjustable ergonomics.  That price tag for the Level 10 M gaming mouse is at an even $99.99.  While this isn't cheap, it matches up well to the only other ergonomically-adjustable mouse out there, the R.A.T. series, and has a much finer overall fit and finish.  It is at the top end of the mouse market, and is one of the most expensive non-MMO specific mice you can buy.  With all that said, the total package seems like it somewhat justifies the price tag, and I can't exactly explain why.  It has quickly become my favorite mouse, but unfortunately this was never meant to be a hot-seller.  The price will be too steep for most to justify, but for those looking for a high-end mouse, or a pristine piece of hardware to match your new rig, should find the Level 10 M to be a fantastic addition to their setup.


The Good

  • Rock solid build
  • Aluminum chassis gives good heft and a premium feel
  • High quality switches
  • Extremely comfortable and adjustable
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Clean, well-diffused lights (and can be turned off)
  • Large skates glide well

The Bad

  • Its weight will be cumbersome for those who like light mice or who pick up their mice frequently
  • The side buttons can be accidentally pushed when lifting the mouse

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Sweet! My birthday is coming up soon. Know what I'm asking for. :roll: Yeah, my G5 is just sitting there too... :-*