TRITTON (by MadCatz) Pro+ 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset for Xbox 360 and PS3 Review


Final Thoughts | TRITTON's Pro+: A Serious Gaming

Headest for Serious Gamers

We've had great things to say about the clean aesthetics of the Pro+, its comfort, relative ease of setup, good in-line controls, performance in games and movies, and the overall build quality.  The 5.1 surround works as good as we'd hoped, and stacks up well against some of the high-end PC true surround gaming headsets we've used over the years.  The directional fidelity is good, and gives a definitive competitive advantage in games with good sound engines and with relatively few players to hide the footsteps and gunfire of your enemies.  Larger games like 64 player battlefield have too much else going on to pick out footsteps, but in smaller competitive environments it can make all the difference, and makes it nearly impossible for your enemies to hide if they're moving around quickly.  Movies also sound great.  The decoder box gives you plenty of simple options to fine-tune the sound to your preference and the in-line controllers allows you to tweak individual channels, something serious/pro gamers will no doubt use heavily.


The build quality is great, and they should be capable of withstanding unrestrained rage moments, although we wouldn't recommend it.  The attention to detail is obvious throughout, and the entire package is clean and buttoned-up.  You don't get the feeling that there were any stones left unturned, and the execution, overall has been great.  One of the key redesigns is with regards to comfort, and Tritton got it just right.  These are exceptionally comfortable.  The swivelling earcups make travel easier and enable you to comfortably rest these on your shoulders when taking breaks between rounds.


Tritton by MadCatz Pro+ 5.1 Surround Gaming Headset Review - Wrapup


The big question then, is whether these are worth the $200 price tag.  in the PC space, this is a pretty steep price, as there are a number of 5.1 surround options available for about half that price that also perform comparably.  The Pro+ also has added value for multi-console gamers.  If you want a headset for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, you're usually going to have to buy two.  The Pro+ allows you to use one headset for both, which would help to justify its price.  The trifecta would have been if Tritton would develop drivers and/or a software utility to allow the microphone to work on the PC using the USB cable, for those like me who game on the PC and on consoles.  The Pro+ is for serious gamers, or for casual gamers who are easily parted with their money, as the $200 sticker price is as much as the console itself these days.  You get seriously good results for your money, but if the price could be brought down to about $150, it would be attainable for a much wider audience.  If you also plan to use the Pro+ to watch movies in your dorm or bedroom, these will work great for that as well.  If you're dead set on an ultra high-end headset, the Pro+ offers a lot of value when compared to other competitors in the $200+ price bracket, and we don't see any showstoppers that should keep you from being happy with it.


The Good

  • Extemely comfortable
  • Solid build quality, durable
  • Good directional fidelity
  • Immersive sound for games and movies
  • Easy setup
  • Good decoding options and fine-tuning
  • Pleasing aesthetics and sleek design
  • Multi-platform (PS3, Xbox 360, and audio on PC)
  • Detachable microphone, clear voice quality

The Bad

  • Can only be fully turned off on the decoder box
  • Microphone won't work on PC
  • Many necessary cables
  • Bass could be more dominant
  • Music listening out of headset's "element"
  • Pro price tag ($200)

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# Steve 2013-05-03 20:30
i have the previous version of these, the AX pro, and i only have 2 complaints that i WISH were addressed in this ( new ) version... 1) bass and treble controls and 2 ) DTS encoding support.. IF this version came with those 2 things.. i would of rushed out and bought these.. passed that... awesome set of headphones .....
# Gav 2014-01-17 08:44
can someone that has these please explain time delay adjustments do I need the centre and rear button light on all the time or off and do I adjust the time delay with centre and rear light on and you say for gaming have the drc on everywhere else i've looked says make sure this is off thanks gavin