SteelSeries Flux Luxury Edition Headset Review





While it's more of a personal preference, a headset that rests on the ears rather than inside or over the ears provides a great balance of sound isolation and awareness of your surroundings. The 40mm cans put out plenty of sound to mask ambient noise, but you won't need to read lips to figure out what your neighbor is saying to you. The sound leakage isn't all that bad either. You'd have to be in a pretty quiet environment for your tunes to find their way to the ears of someone nearby. The Flux performs well across a variety of genres. Like clean, undistorted bass? The Flux passed the John Kelley - Dye Sky Drive test with high marks. If soft instrumental music is more your thing, then our listen of Ludovico Einaudi's Lady Labyrinth would suggest that the Flux has what it takes. Cinematic explosions and other rumblings in Saving Private Ryan and Battlefield 3 can be experienced at nearly painful levels without little to no distortion. The on-ear form factor means that you lose a bit of directional fidelity in games, but the headset still proved useful for pinpointing and dispatching our enemies. We have come to expect great musical quality from SteelSeries Siberia v2 family of headsets and the Flux performs very well by comparison, albeit with lower levels of bass. An unfortunate side effect to the large drivers is that high notes can be a bit forced, making the vocals in certain songs seem overpowering. A more nagging issue is the lack of in-line volume controls. But overall, the Flux is great for long-term listening and should satisfy a wide variety of musical tastes.



The in-line microphone of the Flux really surprised us with its chat performance. Although it won't provide the clarity and "in the same room" feel of a dedicated boom mic, the Flux did an excellent job of transmitting my voice and not much ambient noise. The simple mic toggle reassuringly clicks into the on and off positions while exposed black and red strips tell you at a glance whether or not you have muted yourself from the chat. Don't forget that the Flux also comes with a generous 4.5 foot cable designed for use with mobile phones. I tested it on my HTC One X without any issue. As an added bonus, one can daisy chain two headsets together to listen simultaneously. Those wanting to use the Flux at their desktop PC will be glad to know that it comes bundled with a 7 foot extension cable, giving you a total of 11 feet to play with.


You've heard us say many times before that the best sounding headset in the world is rendered nearly useless if it can't be worn comfortably for any considerable period of time. We're happy to report that the plushy cushions and rubberized headband make the Flux Luxury Edition very comfortable to wear for hours on end. Your ears may get warm under the pleather cushions after a while. Nothing that a quick airing out won't fix. We have heard mixed responses on the tendency of the Flux to slip off when looking downward, so your mileage will vary in that regard. Large drivers and swiveling earcups are the likely culprits. I personally did not lose the headset unless I was stooping and actually trying to shake it loose.

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I'm on the look out for some new headphones, i'll definatley consider buying these.