SteelSeries Flux Luxury Edition Headset Review



The look and feel of this special edition of the Flux is definitely well-suited to the "Luxury" moniker. The cushions are delightfully plushy with contrasting stitching and the frame is crowned by a springy rubberized band that applies a comfortable amount of pressure to the sides of the head. Plenty to keep the headset in place, but nothing you can't deal with for hours on end. Durable plastic with soft-touch coating makes up the rest of the frame. The headband can be extended approximately 1.25 inches on either side, and both earcups have a few degrees of swivel. The muffs fit my head perfectly at full extension. Those with larger than average noggins might want to try these on for size before purchasing.


One of the main marketing points behind the Flux is their potential for customization. As a starting point, the headset itself comes in black or white. From there you can choose different colored cables, ear cushions, and side plates for a hundreds of combinations. Most of the side plates feature a graphic resembling a circuit board trace layout. The Luxury Edition comes with two pair of side plates, one in grey/orange and one in glossy black with no graphic. The plates have magnets that snap into recesses on the outside of the earcups. I have zero worries about the side plates ever falling out, as the magnets  keep a firm hold. When you want to switch personas, a notched section in the plates makes removal easy. The ear cushions also released their grip on the 40mm drivers after a firm tug. After taking one look at the narrow recess around the driver that I had just exposed, I wondered how I was ever going to reattach the cushions. The secret lies in a cutout near the 3.5mm port. Hook the edge of the cushion on this cutout, pivot it 360 degrees, and the cushion automatically re-seats itself. You can see the process in our video review. High marks to SteelSeries for making this practically seamless headset so easy to take apart and reassemble!


While dissecting the Flux headset, there's no doubting that this is a SteelSeries product. Aside from the pair of tiny SS logos, signature split headband, and generous use of soft-touch material, the ear cushions and side plates conceal the slogans "Winning Is Everything" and "Flux Yourself." These are nice touches by SteelSeries to thoroughly bake their identity into a product without ruining its external appearance.

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# Ps4 2013-01-21 17:14
I'm on the look out for some new headphones, i'll definatley consider buying these.