SteelSeries CoD Black Ops II and Diablo III Gaming Mice Review



Aside from the striking graphics that adorn their backs, one thing that becomes immediately apparent upon picking up these mice is the rubberized matte finish reminiscent of the Sensei [RAW]. Both the scroll wheel and respective franchise logos are illuminated by bright LEDs. Flipping the devices over shows off the large UPE Teflon feet that cover 16% of the bottom surface. To compliment their aggresive designs, the mice come equipped with double-braided cables. The cable of the Diablo III Mouse is dotted with red accents and boasts a gold-plated USB connector, while the Black Ops II Mouse has an all black cable and standard USB plug. 

Everything technical about these mice is identical to the Sensei [RAW] except for the price you pay. Both mice run for  $70, which is a $10 premium over the Sensei [RAW], but we expect hardcore fans of these franchises will have no problem putting down the extra dough for this desktop eye-candy.

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