SteelSeries Diablo III Gaming Headset Review


While it's currently the most heavily dressed up member of the Siberia v2 family, the compression rods and suspension headband are dead giveaways for this headset's lineage. The pleather ear cushions and retractable mic boom mic are other familiar features common to every Siberia v2. Various pieces of molded plastic and red LEDs adorn the outside of the drivers to give a more fearsome appearance. The outer driver grilles are painted a deep red and the headband sports the Diablo franchise logo. Of the multiple special editions of the Siberia v2 we have reviewed, we have to say that this is one of the best executions of a themed headset that we have seen. The facelift fits the theme of the Diablo franchise to a tee without being too gaudy.


The Diablo III headset comes as a variation of the Siberia v2 USB, giving it capabilities such as active noise cancellation and personalized equalizer settings, not to mention some very cool sound-activated lighting effects. Best of all, the USB sound card is integrated into the headset, so there's no need to purchase an extra dongle. Connecting the standard USB plug to the headset, is a durable braided nylon cord with in-line volume controls and a mic toggle. Red accents spiral along the length of the cord for added flair.

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