TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Review by MadCatz

Final Thoughts

Tritton's intent was to deliver a quality headset at an affordable price.  At around $60, I'm happy to say this is one of the best values to be found in console gaming headsets.  We've recently reviewed a PC headset which is set at right around $50, and although the gaming audio performed okay, the Kunai bests it in every other category from music performance to comfort.  We also reviewed the similarly-priced Turtle Beach X12s, which are only $5 less than the Kunai.  Although the sound performance competed well, the similarities end there.  The Kunai has a better simple, sleek, and modern aesthetic which has gamer recognition, great overall audio quality, outstanding build quality and durability, a removable microphone, and better comfort than the X12s. The earcups basically give over-ear performance, sound isolation, and comfort in a tiny package that is a pleasure to use.


Nearly every aspect of the Kunai feels purpose-built and meticulously designed, even the unboxing experience.  Tritton's high-end headsets paved the way, and they were scaled down to ensure great quality while bringing down the price.  The Kunai is comfortable, and the rotating earcups allow them to rest around your neck during breaks or to pack away into your bag nicely.  The 14 foot cable gives you plenty of room to sprawl out from your console, and not being tethered is a huge part of the overall comfort equation.


Tritton Kunai Headband Final Thoughts

For $60, I'd feel comfortable labeling the Tritton Kunai headset as one of the best, if not the best value in console headsets, especially for the PlayStation 3 or the PS Vita.  Turtle Beach's X12s are immensely popular and well-received, and at a about the same price, the Kunai simply bests them in every way.  The Kunai comes from a proven lineage of high quality and high performance headsets, its design has been tested by thousands of hardcore gamers over the years, and that experience has led to the refined and scaled-down package that the Kunai offers.  The gaming and overall audio experience offers 85% of Tritton's other high-end offerings, at half to a third of the price.  Even though they are stereo, there's plenty of surround fidelity, and you'll be able to locate your enemies from the sounds of their scampering feet.  The detachable microphone and the tame and sleek looks also mean I could wear these on the street without feeling self-conscious, something few other headsets will do for me.  It's the total package, and we won't be surprised when these surge into the best-seller lists for their respective categories, and for good reason.


The Good

  • Superb comfort
  • Great noise isolation
  • Plenty of smooth, rich bass
  • Full sound range
  • Long 14ft cable for PS3
  • Durable, solid build quality

The Bad

  • The 3.5mm cable for Vita could be a few inches longer
  • High frequency sound at high volume a bit harsh

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