TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Review by MadCatz





As Tritton claims, the Kunai is very easy to setup, largely owing to its very clear and concise directions with good pictures to help you along.  If you're using a PS Vita, the 3.5mm plug goes straight in, and that's it.  If you're on a PlayStation 3, the 3.5mm jack plugs into the in-line volume control, then the USB plug into the PlayStation.  From there, you may have to dig out the RCA cables from your PS3 box, because you then plug the red and white RCA cables into the headset connector and then into your receiver or TV.  Change a couple settings in the PS3's settings menu, and you're set!  Quick and easy indeed, and have no complaints about the process.


Tritton Kunai Microphone and Volume Control

Tritton Kunai Volume Control MuteTritton Kunai Volume Control


Sound Quality

We have a typical routine when we review headsets, and it usually starts by playing some familiar tunes that we're very familiar with.  We know how they sound on anything from $10 earbuds, $200 headphones, and up to $600 studio monitor setups.  We did the same thing with Tritton's Kunai, plugging it into a sound card with the 3.5mm headphone jack, and letting a wide genre of music play for a few hours.  Modern music plays great on the Kunai headset, and the 40mm drivers output plenty of bass, and they hit some pretty low frequencies.  At 25 Hz, you get quite most of the low bass out of your music, and the large drivers deliver plenty of overall bass that is very smooth owing to the neodymium drivers.  The mids are also quite good, which benefits most modern tunes as well.  Larger drivers in the 40/50mm size tend to struggle with highs at higher volumes, and these are no different.  They provide great sound for classical genres (which I'm listening to at this very moment via some of my favorite film scores), so you still get enough of the floaty highs, but at high volumes the highs can be a bit forced and sound a little harsh.  You can't really dock these for that, it's a minor concern, especially when gaming, and is inherent to using the large drivers that give the bass many gamers are looking for, and it was the exact same thing we experienced with SteelSeries' Flux headset.


Then, we moved onto gaming and some movies which have a wider range of depth in them.  Games sound great, and those who haven't gamed on a console with a quality home theatre setup or a headset will be blown away at what they've been missing.  Dead Space 2 gives great immersion with its audio, and footsteps, echoes, and approaching enemies come across remarkably clear.  The same with FPS games, and you'll quickly realize the advantage to being able to hear the footsteps of the guy about to run around the corner.  Despite being a stereo headset, there's still plenty of directional fidelity given by the Kunai, and you can pinpoint where your scampering enemies are quite well.  Racing games come to life that much more when it literally sounds like the car is in the same room, and overall these cans do a great job at delivering an immersive, high-fidelity, and overall high quality audio experience which makes your favorite games that much more enjoyable.  For the compact size, the 40mm neodymium-driven drivers give a very full, bass-rich sound that pound-for-pound is remarkable.


We should mention that the 3.5mm jack will work great on laptops or with your phone, both of which were great to use the Kunai with.  We're surprised Tritton isn't pushing this as an additional marketing point, as I've found myself listening to music on my phone while walking around the house, and you could do the same thing walking to run some errands as well.  Playing music on your tablet or laptop is another great use for these, and we had no issues doing so (and the mic works on my phone as well which I'll talk more about in a bit).  It would be awesome if Tritton would offer a cable extension or package it along for listening on many devices, as it's about 3 inches too short to use when my phone is in my front pocket.

For those wondering about sound isolation, the leatherette earcups create a great seal around your ears which almost completely tunes out the outside world, even at low volumes.  Even as I type this listening to music at a very low volume, I cannot hear my loud-as-hell mechanical keyboard the slightest, so these can certainly make you deaf to anything but the game without requiring absurd volume levels.


The Microphone

We've already mentioned that the microphone is removable and fits snugly into the headset when you want to use it, but how does it work?  First, the microphone works good on my phone, which is actually a great way to chat if you don't have a bluetooth earpiece or other headset for your phone.  It's also great for mobile Skype calls, and the voice transmission is crisp and clear.  This is another marketing point I'm surprised to see Tritton isn't pushing, as being able to use this on your phone for both sound and chat is actually likely to be appealing to many out there.  The same goes when chatting on the PS3, as I was told my voice was loud and clear, and the ability to adjust the chat volume independently of the in-game volume is a huge plus.  The flexible boom can be positioned just how you like, or quickly brushed out of the way if you're eating and/or drinking while gaming.  The microphone holds its own, and there's not much I'd change about it if I wanted to.



The specs label these as a supra-aural, or on-ear, headset.  However, the earcups are just large enough that my ears fit comfortably as though they were an over-ear headset.  They fit snugly and the earcups are are soft but still have some support, which make them very comfortable.  Since these really aren't all that heavy, they don't really cause any fatigue while wearing them and the headband isn't very noticeable.  They fit snugly enough that my haphazard attempts to throw them off by shaking or rocking my head fail.  I've determined that these are about as small as the earcups could be while still being able to give over-ear comfort and sound isolation.  The bottom line, the comfort doesn't give me any reason not to wear these for extended periods of time.  The 14 foot cable also gives you plenty of room to settle in just how you want, even in a huge living/gaming room.

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