TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Review by MadCatz



The Kunai sports the looks of the popular 720+, PRO+, and even the beastly AX Pro headsets, and ours is in the clean gloss white with a black stripe.  They look fantastic, they're clean but somehow manage to give just enough of a contrast with the single stripe, the clean TRITTON logo, the black inner portion, and some slight edges that gives it a very modern appearance.  Don't care for the plain white?  No worries, Tritton has you covered with black and red versions as well. 



The earcups also rotate 90 degrees (actually more like 95, but I digress) which does two things for you.  First, it allows these to pack into a bag much more easily, and is also much safer since the earcups are less likely to get forcefully rotated, say if you sit on your bag.  Secondly, it allows them to rotate so that you can lay them on your shoulders if you're giving your ears/head a break during marathon sessions or in-between rounds at a LAN.  They also allow you to rotate out one earcup if you don't want to completely tune out your surroundings or if your mom/roommate/girlfriend try to ask you a question or tell you that your food is getting cold.



The headband is very sleek, and a thin cushion helps keep your noggin snug and comfortable.  The headband itself is also surprisingly flexible itself, and to ensure a perfect fit, each earcup is attached to a slider with subtle numbers on it so you dial in the size you need.  The slider adjusts in small incremental clicks which hold the earcups snugly, and they aren't sloppy like many cheaper headsets tend to be.  The provides a great segue into talking about the build quality.  To sum it up in a word: fantastic.  Every piece meshes firmly to the one next to it, the plastics don't feel cheap in the slightest. The flexible headband which allows a great fit holds up very well also, even when contorting them in ways the folks at Tritton might cringe at (sorry guys, just part of our process).  Another thing I like to see is that the cable has a deep anchor where it meets the earcup, one of the surest places your headset will eventually fail.  Tritton has reinforced it about as good as it gets, so as long as you don't repeatedly pull the cable very hard, it'll hold up well to normal wear and tear.


The durability areas we pay the most attention to on headsets due to past experience, the hinges and swivels, also pass our stess tests with flying colors.  In the past, the mid-$100 headsets have given us many, many problems in terms of durability, and that's usually either at the hinges or the cable junctions/joints.  The earcup swivels are absolutely rock solid, and I'd have to try hard to pry them off their hinges (and would almost certainly have to break something in the process).  The swivels that allow the earcups to rotate 90 degrees also feel reassuringly solid, but this is probably the only place anyone will have trouble.  When bent sharply there, they do flex a bit, but still, this would require an accident of some kind to be a legitimate worry, and should hold up great for normal use and even a fair amount of abuse.



Tritton Kunai Earcup

Tritton Kunai MicrophoneTritton Kunai Attachment

We're happy to see that the microphone is detachable, especially for the PS3 and Vita gamers who simply don't use one.  Without the microphone, these also have "wear anywhere" looks, and I might dare say look rather stylish while out and about, which isn't something you can say about many headsets.  The mocriphone has a 3.5mm connector which plugs into the bottom front corner of the left earcup.  To install it, line up the triangles, insert, and rotate to lock it in place with a satisfying "click" when it's firmly in place.  The earcups also have leatherette padding which is very comfortable.  It's soft but has enough body that it's disappointingly squishy like cheap foam can be.  The pads can also be removed from the earcup itself if it ever needed to be replaced or if Tritton begins to offer different colors/styles of earpads.


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