SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Flux Gaming Headset Review - Design




The special edition Guild Wars 2 version of the Flux headset comes in a strikingly-clean red and white color scheme.  The red cushions, Guild Wars 2 logo, and cabling provide a flare of contrast against the clean white headband.  I think it's a nice color scheme, just as on the Guild Wars 2 mouse, and Guild Wars 2 fans should approve.  The Flux headset is compact, and it articulates in a number of ways to allow for easy stowage and transport.  The earcups swivel 90 degrees and the headband itselve hinges on each side about 1/3 of the way around the headset.  The headband is also quite flexible, which allows the earcups to be folder almost ontop of each other, and also provides a little resiliency if carelessly crammed into a bag or backpack.  The earcups, when rotated, allow them to work very well to listen with the headset resting on your neck/shoulders.


The earpads are made of a very soft and comfortable foam which is rather springy like memory foam, and like almost everything else about this headset, is removable and swappable for your own personal touch.  These are on-ears, so they don't cup your ears, they rest directly ontop of them.  The bottom edge of each earcup has a 3.5mm headphone cable input, so you can even pick which side to have the cable (left or right pocket for your phone/MP3 player?).  An add-on feature is that Flux headsets can be strung together, meaning you can have one connected to a laptop, tablet, phone, or MP3 player, and then conect another 3.5mm cable from the other earcup to the nearest earcup of your Flux-wearing neighbor for shared sound.  This is certainly a unique and differentiating feature which could be very useful on roadtrips or while flying.


The earcups, which are packing 40mm drivers, are surprisinlgy hefty for their size.  The overall build quality is great, with al of the parts meshing snugly, and even the swivelling mechanisms barely yield when flexed awkwardly.  The folding and rotating joints, which have often been the bane of durability in many headsets I've owned and tested over the years, don't concern me at all on the Flux.  We touched on it earlier, but SteelSeries also wanted to give gamers who might be using these anywhere from their bedrooms, out on the street, or their local coffee shop, the ability to personalize them to fit their style.  The earcups, which are the custom Guild Wars 2 versions that you'll probably not want to change, could be swapped out with a variety of colors and designs.  The ear pads can also be switched out to customize the color scheme, and the cords can be made to match.  So if the Guild Wars 2 branding grows old, you don't have to "live with it," feel free to change it!



The headband on the Flux headset is unique, in that it has a very soft feel, but is still surprisingly rigid.  The shape holds up well, but like mentioned previously, provides a little flex to allow them to fit on your head better and also to contort in interesting ways when packing it up while on-the-go.


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