SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Mouse Review - Design



Aside from the striking graphics that adorn the back of the Guild Wars 2 Mouse, one thing that becomes immediately apparent upon picking up the mouse is its soft touch finish reminiscent of the Sensei [RAW]. Splashes of red can be found on the side and CPI toggle buttons. Both the scroll wheel and Guild Wars 2 logo are illuminated by a red LED. Flipping the device over shows off a transparent baseplate with red tinting and UPE Teflon feet that cover 16% of the bottom surface. To compliment the color-rich design, the traditional black double-braided cable has been swapped out for a rubberized cable finished in, you guessed it, red. Everything technical about this mouse is identical to the [RAW] except for the price you pay. The $70 Guild Wars 2 Mouse is a $10 premium over the Sensei [RAW], but we expect fans of the MMORPG will have no problem putting down the extra dough for this desktop eye-candy.



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