SteelSeries Kana Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Edition Gaming Mouse Review - Design



Picking up the Kana CS:GO for the first time, it feels no different than the glossy white version of the standard Kana. Apart from the eye-catching CS:GO graphics that adorn the top shell, the facelift isn't all that severe. You still get only one pair of side buttons, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your choice of grip, and the mouse sits squarely in the middle of the size chart for SteelSeries' ambidextrous mice in between the Sensei and Kinzu. The rubber coated scroll wheel is satisfyingly grippy, and the 6.5 ft double braided cord isn't too rigid. Flipping the mouse over reveals a nearly opaque bottom as opposed to the semi-transparent and colored surface that contributed to an attractive lighting effect on the original Kana. The scroll wheel can still be set to glow a pleasant "Tron blue" at a variety of intensities and patterns via the SteelSeries Engine. 


So what are you paying for with your extra ten bucks? It's franchise loyalty and a swap of a few colors. Those accustomed to gaming with a slick surfaced mouse and a dislike for the white colorware of the standard Kana will find improved desk presence with this special edition, but we'd highly recommend trying out a rubberized mouse like the black version of the original Kana or Sensei [RAW] before making a purchase. 


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