SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost Blue Edition USB Gaming Headset Review - Design


Since, apart from a few differences, the Siberia v2 Frost is the same creature as the Siberia v2 Natus Vincere Edition we've reviewed previously, we'll pull some of what we've said previously.  The Siberia v2 Frost comes in an extremely clean white color which really creates an elegantly simple overall design.  It doesn't pop, but that's really what's great about it.  The dual headband setup of the Siberia series of headsets gives them an iconic form factor that is hard to forget. Add the fact that these headsets can be had in a multitude of colors and there's bound to be a version out there to suit your personal taste. In my review of the Siberia v2 Natus Vincere edition headset, which was finished in a dramatic black and yellow color scheme, I stated my belief that a black or white version of the same headset would be a better match to its beautiful design. It comes as no surprise then that I love the looks of these frosty cans.The white is contrasted pleasantly by a soft grey color on the headband, earcups, and wires.  Clean and simple, and it really comes alive when the lights are on, but we'll talk about that in a bit. 


When we first got our hands on the Siberia v2, we loved the comfort of the headband and the flexible rubber headband supports, but we worried about their longevity.  They'be been used steadily for over 6 months now and they've yet shown a sign that they aren't brand new.  They've been crammed in boxes and bags, accidentally dropped, and have been through the wear an tear of general use and the headband is still rock solid where they join the earcups.  The overall construction is very seamless and sturdy, and the earcups swivel assuringly.


The earcups are clean, and the tightl swivel attachment allow for a full-fledged gaming headset without the typical heft and bulk you may be used to.  The microphone emerges cleanly via a fleixble and positionable boom when retracts cleanly into the headset when not in use, making it a perfect "every day, everywhere" headset as well, although the Frost version won't work with your phone or music player.  The way the earcups join the headband make for a futuristic look, like sound is being ducted into the headset itself.


Even before you've heard a single note, gunshot, or Skype call from any Siberia v2 headset, the first thing that will strike you is, "Wow!  These are comfortable!"  Seriously.  SteelSeries has an absolute grand slam in terms of comfort with these, and in a very unique way.  The swivel mechanism is firm but enables the earcups to rest naturally over your ears.  The arching headband provides even pressure and further ability for the headset to fit virtually anyone brilliantly.  The icing on the cake is the padded headband with a springy bungee-like system of wires and springs that makes the headset feel like it was made just for you.  It's so comfortable SteelSeries had to make the wire anchor inside the earcups larger because people would accidentally stand up without taking the headset off because they forgot they had it on.


One of the differences, other than the aesthetic ones, from the Natus Vincere Edition we reviewed previously is that they're connected via USB, which enables adequate power for the lighting.  A follow-on benefit, however, is that SteelSeries has incorporated a sound processor which allows for more flexible tuning of the sound output.  Typical of SteelSeries, the connection is gold-plated for a clean signal.

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