Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 Gaming Headset Review - Design



Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 Earcup and MicCooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 Padding

The styling of the Ceres 400 is pleasantly simple, with a flat black headband attaching cleanly into round earcups with a gentle red accent circle.  The Ceres 400 branding is neatly laid on the microphone boom, and the eacups have a slightly edgy surface which is very remeniscent of the rugged styling seen on other CM Storm Peripherals.  The earcups also have a soft touch-like coating which creates a matte black appearance, and is also very smooth.

The earcups have a round soft cloth cushion, and the microphone swivels cleanly to stay out of the way when not in use.  The swivel mechanism feels very sturdy, and there's plenty of friction to hold the microphone firmly in place.  The microphone has active noise cancelling and voice transmition performed very well, but more on that later. 

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 HeadbandCooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 Headband Padding

The headband on the Ceres 400 is unique in that it's very flexible, and feels like rubber.  This is great for portability, as the headband certainly won't break, and they allow a little bit of flex to help keep the eacups from accidentally becoming damaged.  The sliding mechanism is smooth, and the notches allow for a good feel of the adjustments, and allow the earcups to be "locked" into place so they don't accidentally slide around very easily.  The headband has a similar soft cushion like the earcups.

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres 400 Inline Controls

The Ceres 400 also has a generous length of cable which we appreciate, especially for those of us who may need an extra foot or two to cleanly route the cable to our awaiting ears.  Cooler Master has also included an in-line volume and mic with a simple wheel volume knob and a sliding switch for the microphone.  3.5mm headphone/mic jacks split for use with just about any computer or tablet. 


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