SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts


Adjusting to the Sensei [RAW] from the original Sensei came with no surprises. In fact, despite its lack of dedicated memory, it is hard to justify calling the Sensei [RAW] a 'downgrade.' The great internals have simply been made more attainable. Cutting the price to $59.99 by excluding the 32-bit ARM processor was a great move by SteelSeries that should put this excellent ambidextrous design on the desks of more of their fans. And while the offering of two different finishes is a nice touch to cater to personal tastes, it's also a great competitive move by SteelSeries to counter one of the Sensei's strongest competitors, the Zowie AM. The Zowie is another ambidextrous mouse with similar styling that has for a long time held higher marks in materials and feel. Now we suddenly have a rubberized Sensei touting an identical price tag. Coincidence? I think not. 


The Good


The Bad

  • Lower price with no loss in day-to-day performance
  • More surfae finish options available
  • Glossy surface is quite slick


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