SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse Review - Design


The Sensei [RAW] fits right into the mold of the original Sensei. Its well-contoured, ambidextrous design and comfortable proportions make it a joy to use on a day-to-day basis. There are very few exterior features that differentiate the mice. Obviously, the polished metal appearance seen on the original Sensei has been replaced with a highly reflective glossy black shell. One can glimpse the mouse's internals through the bottom plate, which is now transparent. Light-grey accents have been added to the braided USB 2.0 cable. Powering up the device reveals that the LEDs eminating from the scroll wheel, CPI indicator, and the familiar dot-matrix logo only glow white. 



The Sensei [RAW] comes in two finishes: Glossy or Rubberized. Given that this glossy version of the Sensei [RAW] features the same materials and construction as the original, I didn't expect the mouse to handle any differently. However, my first impression is that the glossy black top is quite slick compared to the original Sensei's 'metal' finish. That mouse has been my go-to mouse for quite some time,and I'm sure I would become accustomed to the feel of the Sensei [RAW] as well. Those prone to sweaty palms might want to opt for the rubberized version of the Sensei [RAW]. The optional soft-touch finish made my time with the SteelSeries Kana earlier this year a very enjoyable experience. I can only imagine pairing that confident level of grip with the larger, better performing, and more versatile Sensei [RAW] would make for a very potent combination. This impression is only skin deep, so let's take a look at what makes the mouse tick. 

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