SteelSeries Simraceway S1 Racing Wheel Review - Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

So, we've seen that the SRW-S1 is rock solid, laden with buttons, comfortable to hold, and works great.  The plug-n-play nature makes it a convenient and low-profile accessory, and it'll work out of the box 100% with Simraceway.  The $10 card will allow you to buy a handful of cars and some tracks you want to get you started.  The accelerometer is robust and will tolerate sloppy holding positions without skipping a step, and the inputs are tracked lag-free and very accurately.  Configuring the deadzones and sensitivity curves for the steering axis will have you dialed in no time, and the SRW-S1 can really be taken seriously.  It's been a great accessory for me, as someone who has fleeting amounts of free time, and having to setup my full-blown wheel and pedal setup is something that I just don't want to do.  So the SRW-S1 is perfect when I need a quick racing fix, as it can be taken off a shelf and be ready for duty in about a minute... perfect.


 The SRW-S1 can be found for just under $110 at Amazon today, which is certainly hefty for any peripheral.  However, it has great value for someone like me, a person who wishes he had more time to use his "big boy" setup, is somewhat serious about racing games, but wants a quick and easy controller to get that quick "fix."  Even moreso, this is the perfect peripheral who someone who has limited or no use of their legs, and there are essentially no other controller systems with a levered brake/throttle system outside of those with pedals.  It's also great for someone with very little space for a decent wheel-and-pedal setup or who doesn't have a good table or desk to mount it to, but still wants a respectable racing controller.  It certainly won't replace more hardcore systems, and is a tough sell alongside force feedback wheels with pedals, like my Driving Force GT by Logitech which works on both PC and PS3 for around $120.  It really depends upon your budget and how you see yourself using your wheel.  Overall, it performs as-advertised, and as a racing-genre fan, think it's a great accessory for your PC racing collection.


The Good


The Bad

  • Solid construction
  • Bountiful buttons
  • Great overall compatibility
  • Robust accelerometer
  • Sturdy buttons, feedback "click"
  • Levered brake and throttle with lots of travel provides good control
  • Plug-n-play, easy setup
  • Somewhat hefty for a controller which must be held up
  • Currently cannot purchase mounting accessory
  • Cannot use selector wheels with other games


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