SteelSeries Simraceway S1 Racing Wheel Review - Design



The F1-styled SRW-S1 wheel has a wide range of buttons for on-the-fly adjustments in Simraceway and 19 other ergonomically-placed buttons which can be easily mapped to any other racing game.  The buttons have a firm and distinct click when depressed which provides you a bit of added feedback.  An LED strip across the top provides a realistic RPM shift-indicator.  The handles have a very comfortable shape and should accommodate a large number of grips and hand sizes.  The rubberized finish provides plenty of traction and a smooth feel, and also appears to be very durable so far.  The main body of the SRW-S1 has a matte black soft touch-like finish with the Simraceway logo neatly emblazoned upon the upper center. The whole unit feels absolutely rock solid in the hands, and has a satisfying heft without being too heavy for something that will have to be held up, potentially for long periods of time.


The rear of the unit is where the business-end of the controls are laid.  This was an innovative way to provide a realistic paddle-shifting feel of high-performance racecars which providing the functionality of a variable throttle and brake.  The two smaller paddles are for shifting, and provide a distinct "click" when pressed which gives a firm feel that you've shifted.  On the other hand, the switches are perhaps a bit loud if you've got others in the room with you.  The large paddles are for the throttle and brake, and they have a firm spring mechanism that provides good feedback for breaking and throttle inputs.  The amount of throw which allow for a high level of precision, and they're positioned so that using the brakes and throttle while shifting feels very natural and they don't get away of one another.  The chord is anchored near the bottom of the wheel and uses a high quality braided cable to prevent fraying and tangling. The knobs in the center of the wheel are for use with an optional mount if you'd prefer the wheel to be anchored, which is not yet available, but we'd love to see that option come to fruition.


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